Andrew Laming MP – what you said about him

Andrew Laming feedback as word clouds prepared with Tagul (Click to enlarge)

Andrew Laming feedback as word clouds prepared with Tagul (Click to enlarge)

Federal MP Andrew Laming has received clear feedback from a recent survey with 80% of respondents saying that he is not doing a good job.

The on-line survey, conducted by Redlands2030, finds that he should focus on Federal Government issues instead of local council and state government issues.

Respondents to the survey said that he should push for federal infrastructure funding that benefits people in his electorate. Improved Federal protection for koalas and legislation for Marriage Equality were other issues that many survey respondents wanted him to work for.

Issues which Andrew Laming has supported publicly in the past year such as cruise ships’ fuel quality and awards of knights and dames were not regarded as important by most respondents.

As with any survey, it’s important to read the survey report which discusses:

  • Objectives of the survey
  • Methods used to obtain information
  • Findings from the survey

Objectives of the Redlands2030 survey about Andrew Laming MP

Redlands2030 conducted its survey of Andrew Laming MP for two reasons.

We wanted to draw attention to many issues associated with the opt-in surveys conducted regularly by Andrew Laming. These issues include:

  • Lack of clearly stated purpose of his publicly funded surveys
  • The fact that they are opt-in polls which mean that any data obtained is unlikely to represent views of the wider population
  • Questions which are leading and / or ambiguously worded

Some concerns about Andrew Laming’s latest survey were discussed in: Is Andrew Laming MP on-task?

Similar issues were discussed in an article by Elinor Drake: Misleading community surveys.

We also wanted to find out if the community had concerns about this MP’s focus, priorities and performance.

Survey method

Federal electorate of Bowman

Federal electorate of Bowman

Our poll was web based and was conducted from 26 June to 29 July in 2015.

No incentives were offered to encourage responses. The opportunity to complete the poll was publicised in an article (Is Andrew Laming MP on-task?) published on the Redlands2030 website, assisted by posts to the Redlands2030 Facebook page.

This was an opt-in survey which attracted responses from about 350 people. The results reflect the views of people who responded and may not accurately represent the population as a whole.

Andrew Laming MP represents the Federal electorate of Bowman. The survey did not ask respondents to confirm that they are enrolled to vote in this electorate.

The questions were designed in-house by Redlands2030.

In the table below we compare the Redlands2030 poll with the recent poll conducted by Andrew Laming MP.

Survey Issue Redlands2030 Survey Andrew Laming MP Survey
Survey designed by Redlands2030 Andrew Laming
Sample type Opt in Opt in
Distribution On-line via the Redlands2030 website Australia Post to every household in the Bowman electorate
Incentives offered to respond to the survey questions No Yes – chance to win holiday accommodation
Number of responses About 350 – varied for particular questions “Thousands” (claimed by Andrew Laming)
Accurate representation of the whole electorate’s views No No
Survey report prepared and made publicly available Yes – you are reading it Andrew Laming does not normally provide a survey report to his electorate so don’t hold your breath waiting for one.

Focus on issues by level of government

We asked people to indicate which level of government Federal MP Andrew Laming should focus on.

An overwhelming majority (85%) selected Federal Government. Local government was chosen by 11% of respondents and 4% picked state government.

The total number of respondents to this question was 354.

Priorities: What should Andrew Laming push for?

(click to enlarge)

Priorities for action by Andrew Laming MP (click to enlarge)

We asked people to select up to five issues (out of seven) that Andrew Laming should push for.

Respondents showed most support for:

  • More Federal funding for Redlands infrastructure (66%)
  • Koala protection laws strengthened (50%)
  • Marriage Equality legislation in 2015 (48%)

The issues which attracted least support from respondents were:

  • Cruise ships to use clean fuel (17%)
  • Knights and dames no longer awarded in Australia (15%)

Percentages shown are of total respondents (351).

Respondents could select up to five issues but with 977 votes cast the mean number of selections was 2.8.

More information about Andrew Laming’s position on various Federal issues is available here.

Overall job performance

We asked the simple question: Is your MP doing a good job?

80% of respondents said No and 20% said Yes.

336 people responded to this question.

Suggestions for Andrew Laming MP

We asked people responding to the job performance question to comment on what Andrew Laming should do more of, and less of.

More than 180 people made comments in response to these questions.

Redlands2030 prepared two word clouds with Tagul. These word clouds give greater emphasis to words or (equivalent terms) that are used more often in the comments made by survey respondents.

The comments from survey respondents are shown in the table below. We have corrected a few spellings and deleted one comment for legal reasons but otherwise these comments are as submitted.

My Federal MP should do more: My Federal MP should do less:
1 Listening to what his electors are saying Abuse of people who disagree with him on Facebook pages in the Redlands
2 handstands Facebook
3 On Federal issues on State and local issues.
4 In infrastructure for the SMBI and NBN for all the Redlands Handstanding in public and promoting his preferred local and state government candidates rather than what is good for the wider community
5 work on federal issues meddling in local government issues. If he wants to be a Councillor, put his hand up!
6 Engagement in his electorate Grandstanding and hiding behind three word slogans
7 To protect the environment self-promotion
8 Spend more time on federal issues Being a mouthpiece for state and council
9 Environment protection and gaining infrastructure projects Protecting local council
10 to address poverty, homelessness and risk of homelessness, inequality, inclusiveness posturing and trying to create division and hostility between people
11 ensuring effective and fair post-mining transition for employees of Sibelco, and for the NSI economy more broadly using amateurish, inherently biased, self-promoting surveys to further his own agendas
12 Helping constituents in a genuine manner to deal with bureaucracy. Running dodgy surveys and quoting them as fact. Using dodgy figures to support sands mining on Stradbroke Island. Stirring up anti Muslim sentiment on his Facebook page.
13 Real positive work for his constituents Muck stirring in the community
14 … to effect policy change at Federal level, including a reduction in annual inward migration to levels equivalent to annual permanent outward migration (ie – population stabilisation), …meddling and stirring in local and state politics!!
15 Representing his constituents’ needs and concerns in a responsible way. Meddling in State and Local Government issues
16 seeking federal funding for infrastructure – education, health, roads and NBN in addition to creating better economic opportunities for Bowman time on Facebook
17 addressing federal issues self-promotion
18 lobbying for funding grandstanding
19 To help the declining koala population in his electorate Insulting those with a contrary view on social media
20 protecting, preserving Commonwealth land in Birkdale and heritage listed areas from being turned into massive hosing estates. interfering in local government elections. He should not be parading and showing off a candidate he wants as a councilor to represent the people in any division, as he hasdone in the ast.
21 environmental advocacy for Redlands koalas, natural landscapes and places push-polling; self promotion; dog whistling (eg, racist comments re Logan and North Stradbroke Island = Palm Island)
22 Infrastructure funding advocacy and understand in depth why the funding is needed Embarrassing showmanship
23 Support for his electorate Criticising the previous govt, and try to appear to be looking ahead to a better future for Redlands.
24 in his electorate dog whistle politics
25 To arrange funding to bridge the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.
26 Working for the Redlands infrastructure Big noting himself and his ego
27 federal issues criticising protests on Toondah Harbour
28 To protect the koala and koala habitat to support unscrupulous developers
29 for seniors meddling in local politics
30 notifying electorate of public consultation opportunities on federal issues such as Tax, Energy, Reform of the Federation, Environment and promoting discussion of those issues within the electorate grandstanding, knee-jerk reactions, commenting on Facebook, interfering in local and state issues
31 Acting on the Federal issues important to locals regardless of party politics. Talking down aboriginal people, low socio-economically challenged people, lead by example for transparent governance
32 listening commenting on Facebook
33 intelligent discussions on the future for Australia Carping about the opposition, and less spouting the party line
34 To support poliies that protect the environment/wildlife Interfering in local govt elections
35 Hard work and less publicity like he is some sort of celebrity getting his ugly mug on TV every 5 minutes! less publicity like he is some sort of celebrity
36 Take a stand and fight for marriage equality Interfere with council matters on a local level
37 Intellectual debate Cheap cynical comments on Facebook
38 Assist Self funded retirees, reduce cost of private health, reduce costs of necessary drugs and include more on PBS. marriage equality
39 work promotional work
40 Personal promotion and stop smearing hard working local councillors
41 Like going away and letting us have a new option for MP
42 work Trolling
43 to stop trees being removed especially by housing speculators such as Fiteni who recently bull dozed a large tract of land with containing old growth Koala trees in Ormiston which had occupied my Koalas for years. One such Koala trapped himself on a fence Fetini had erected as the Koala attempted to return to his home,the result was amputation of Koala’s leg,
44 listening to the people of Bowman. Being a yes man to Abbott
45 create jobs, deliver infrastructure, listening to electorate quit posting inflammatory memes/messages on Facebook.
46 He should indicate he will not be standing for reelection. Facebook trolling and ineffectual text polling. Response rates to his surveys are just sad.
47 Listening attacking those with a valid different point of view
48 find long term revenue method for Stradbroke island responding to comments on Facebook
49 For Bowman, on Federal issues affecting Redlands Self-promotion and LNP interference in Local Govt issues. Try supporting community views on Toondah Harbour and less on developer wishes.
51 Work on protecting koala and the natural beauty if Redlands Shameless self promotion
52 for equal rights Grandstanding
53 advocating for sustainable energy public transport and more infrastructure blaming labor for everything it’s getting very boring and old
54 on taxation reform, federal environmental protection, climate change, financial planners reform messing in local issues (incl dragging his favoured Council candid door to door…what a waste of space that one is!
55 for every constituent and prioritise to what is important to the common man
56 Listening to local people rather than arguing with them. politicking and toeing his party line; supporting the developers.
57 Environment protection issues. And listen rather than arguing supporting of the council
58 Federal stuff Council / State
59 Work on Federal issues Meddling in local Council issues and promoting shocking candidates
60 respond to questions relating to Federal issues asked of him on social media. He thinks it is okay to challenge people on Redlands2030, but I never see him challenging people on his own page and I have read some disgraceful comments on his fb page. He should attempt to have logical and reasoned discussions on his own page. Spruiking re local government issues on Facebook as if he been anointed by the Mayor to be her spokesperson. He should listen more and criticize less. He is acting like a troll.
61 Having signed of in the convention of child rights more effort should be made to abolish all firms of physical and humiliating violence against children. Adult hits adult us called assault, partner hits partner is called domestic violence, student hits student is called bullying, yet when a parent hits a child it’s still called discipline in Australia. Very confusing for a growing child especially in the critical growth period. It’s not a surprise that we have a growing domestic violence problem (83 deaths of children in NSW alone in a decade u domestic violence). Children learn the cycle of violence in childhood. Either power over and control through violence or best submit yo a culture of violence. We now have international evidence that stopping violence against children reduces domestic violence, reduces delinquent behaviour and increases school retention. Violence against children must stop! Of nothing – doing a great job
62 Advocacy Playing dirty politics
63 Positive work towards community needs Negative talk against the opposition. Focus more on the issues instead of trying to look good in the media including social media.
64 For the environment and about climate change supporting of policies which hurt families and people on low incomes
65 For the Redlands Stop looking after himself.
66 Posing and dog-whistling on Facebook
67 Federal issues local issues
68 strong critique of govt policy weak wily media spin
69 retiring from parliament Promoting Karen Williams and the developers
70 people need help instead of always hiding in his office or Canberra for the developers who fund his election campaigns
71 Federal issues less self promotion and nastily commenting on others
72 action in parliament talking and posting on Facebook
73 To protect our animals being shipped offshore and take a stand to outlaw this cruel practice and only process all meat in Australia
74 Protection of environment should be high priority when reviewing development Pro development at the cost of the environment – Fauna and flora
75 for infrastructure for the islands
76 To get federal funding for Redlands and SMBI/Stradbroke Attention seeking and posing!
77 Infaustructure funding , Involved in council issues
78 Less interference with other levels of government
79 Listening [comment not published]
80 Work in the electorate Personal attacks
81 Mr Laming is loose cannon and diminishes himself and the Redlandss
82 He needs to stick to federal issues and follow constituents wishes. Prancing around cafes and restaurants. He needs to stop calling people names on Facebook and accept that people have differing views – for which they shouldn’t get chastised. He needs to stop voting as per his political party and take his lead from the people in his community.
83 policy work media stunts
84 authentic community engagement with people who have serious concerns with his government’s policies interfering with local issues and online bullying
85 Environment issues are very important
86 advocacy for community infrastructure. self-promotion
87 Advocating to the Federal government for funding for Redlands infrastructure and koala protection Bullying people on social media who do not hold his views as well as less promoting the building of homes on 151sq blocks of land i.e, SLUMS!
88 About broadband Gobshiting on Facebook
89 Yes, on Federal issues! on local issues
90 listening to all voters and supporting fair and reasonable legislation on citizenship and refugees. exaggerating claims on terrorism , refugees and exaggerating claims about mine jobs on Straddie
91 Looking after issues that are at Federal level not local council level Criticising the local community on Facebook when they have every right to voice their opinion without the MP attacking them
92 All ministers should cut out the rubbish and get on with the job they were elected to do All ministers should be dedicated to the job and not the money they receive or the perks available
93 Listen and that notice of the whole community. Pushing developers’ agendas.
94 To protect our unique lifestyle not encourage the out of control destruction if our lifestyle through bad planning development About matters that do not pertain to the day to day lifestyle of his electorate
95 Listening to constituents Self serving gimmicks
96 gay marriage, koalas. Meddling in local government
97 To support NSI’s post-mining economic future Interfering in Local Government political issues
98 For local issues Redlands ,try NBN Minor issues
99 Outback farmers
100 To openly support the people’s elected PM Tony Abbott. Media criticism of the PM Tony Abbott, his leader, creating division within the LNP. Cease supporting Malcolm Turnbull who is not much different to the ALP, who we definitely don’t want.
101 Federal Government issues less ridiculous questioners
102 Talking with the residents and actually representing them Part line politics. He was elected by a majority of residents therefore he should represent the community.
103 listening to the real issues happening in our state and country jumping on the side that seems popular with minorities
104 Actual work Of populist meaningless statements. Show real leadership and not seem to be reading from a how to be a populist pollie manifesto
105 I am tired of seeing Laming appear at a function late.. then dash around shaking hands, grab a snack and then run off to his next most important thing. He should do less annoying things like gate crashing events he was not invited to.
106 More saving of land from development, saving of trees and koala corridors and habitat
107 concentrate on federal issues and actually listen to all constituents not just those he perceives as being amenable to his views!
108 foreshore development entertaining the idea of gay marriage
109 Concentrate on Federal issues, especially those relevant to his electorate Self promotion using state and local issues
110 protecting the environment self promotion
111 Listening to and representing us in Parliament. Do far more to protect our environment and heritage – including stopping the currently proposed Toondah Harbour development vandalism of our foreshore that will result in a great wall of concrete on our mangroves that will forever be an eyesore from the bay and Straddie. Just modernise the ferry terminal and leave our wetlands and bay alone. Less thinking about himself and blindly supporting his political party – you need to establish a permanent series of monthly public forums where you can learn how to represent your constituents properly in parliament!!!
112 encouraging and respecting feedback given by voters who take the time to contact him. Listen to voters who are unhappy with the way Redlands is growing and the lack of Federal support re infra of showing partisanship with local Redlands council and try to
113 to help the Redlands be a clean safe place to live. worrying about helping minority groups(e.g. push bike riders or same sex issues) and focus on what the majority of the populous need(e.g. roads , jobs, policing and emergency services, proper screening of immigrants, getting the judicial system inline so citizens can feel safe, harsher pentiles for repeat offenders). We are a democracy yet the minority seem to wield the power.
114 listen to electorate – grow a spine kowtowing to party ‘politics’
115 focusing on achieving concrete outcomes for Redlands self publicity, and talking down Stradbroke and its people
116 to promote environmental concerns and also focus on social issues. support for the Federal policies of mistreatment of asylum seekers. UNHCR guidelines hold be followed strictly in the treatment os such unfortunate people.
117 Andrew Laming thinks he is born to rule, its time to go. Andrew Laming should just go away.
118 Listening Being in the media
119 In public transport – the buses to the city are a joke
120 listening to constituents politicking about politics
121 At a federal level about real issues that affect his electorate. Not cruise ships Stay out of state and council politics.
122 Appealing to bogan (preaching to the choir on things like the terrorist citizenships) on the false assumption that they are the majority. The vocal minority perhaps.
123 Stand against Tony Abbot
124 Personally speaking and listening to the voters Posturing and ignoring his voters
125 be honest with his electorate grand standing
126 Listening to voters rather than trying to sway them his way Supporting our rotten council
127 being a little bitch on Facebook
128 on Federal issue; silent on local govt issues; grandstanding; introducing party politics
129 Listening to people in his electorate that do not always agree with what the government do. When i tried to voice my concerns to Laming on his Facebook page that is meant for us to comment on i got banned.Sitting on the side of the road Sitting on the side of the road distracting drivers as they drive past . He needs to listen to what his constituents really want instead of what he thinks we should have.
130 Work and effort for Redlands Ignoring and belittling his constituents
131 Honest work Political manipulation of his electorates views
132 Represent the peoples views. Party politics.
133 For the environment like stopping the marina at Toondah Grandstanding and politically loaded surveys of no statistical credibility
134 Listening to his electorate and making decisions based on what they need. Making decision on his own personal beliefs
135 Listen to people, spend less time nit picking against his opposition Attacking of the state government and federal opposition
136 Consider his legacy to Australian politics. Anyone that wants to be remembered the way Andrew is largely perceived is in denial. Showboating. Bowman is a safe liberal seat, a shaved ape could win. No one is that impressed by you.
137 Listen to his constituents, and keep his efforts to federal politics not local politics.
138 Environmental focus
139 Federal issues keep out of local issues especially if conflict if interest
140 supporting sustainable development, employment and education opportunities Racist dog whistling – comparing NSI to Palm island
141 Advocacy of federal issues getting into Facebook arguments.
142 Promotion of good government less squark more action
143 job generation within Redlands time spent in Canberra
144 question validity of some cabinet decisions. Less politics and more action doing the right thing
145 Work for local projects Grandstanding
146 focus on important issues such as the economy and job preservation grandstanding on irrelevancies
147 To ensure retention of Redlands character with development Pandering to the Mayor
148 For the people not himself. selfishness
149 Cultural Competency or Cultural Awareness Training & have RESPECT Being a Goose on Social Media
150 Stopping changes to pensions.
151 work Facebook grandstanding to racists. Getting drunk at the local pub.
152 consistent actions, stop promising one thing and doing another Playing with people.
153 For the infrastructure of the bay islands Polls that are skewed for own agenda
154 Focus on federal issues local government issues
155 Represent the electorate with real issues like the economy and unemployment Aggressively attacking residents on Facebook.
156 What people want-not partyb wants following the herd
157 Action FB talk
158 Real electoral work Showing off.
159 to obtain federal funding for redlands infrastructure Facebook attacking locals
160 Actual electorate work for ALL constituents, not just his Liberal, developer cronies Interfering in local politics and self-promotion
161 Interfering in local politics and self-promotion
162 To improve local infrastructure including the NBN promoting himself
163 absolutely
164 To empower First Nation people to continue their thousands of years of caring for country, to ensure the rich become wealthier and the strugglers struggle harder
165 Real work Self promotion
166 Telecommunications infrastructure NBN
167 Stop taking money from developers Breathing
168 Advocacy Face booking and shopping Centre happy snaps
169 to protect our environment and more action on climate change defending of our pro development council and developers and stand up for the community for a change
170 More for constituents not developers and big business. Vocal criticism of dissenters. Listen instead.
171 To ensure Redlands internet access; Planning for our long term future Party political sledging; Partisan smearing
172 Cost of living reduction Causing confrontation on Facebook
173 Really listening to the people in a genuine and interested way. Pushing the Redland City Council’s agenda on PDAs and housing development.
174 Representing his electorate Advertising himself,
175 Work Mouthing off
176 Work Preening and backstabbing
177 focusing on developing Redland City
178 work associated with the position he is being well paid for playing around on Facebook/social media and interfering in local
179 Cutting of parliamentary perks and super. Self inflating blabbering.
180 Actual work federally Actual work federally
181 about environmental protection and climate change supporting of local and state issues and concentrate on federal issues

Further reading:

Is Andrew Laming on Task?

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Report by Redlands2030 – 31 July 2015

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15 thoughts on “Andrew Laming MP – what you said about him

  1. Andrew Lamming you may not be aware that a number of the numerous people that you blocked relating to the NBN issue on Facebook were in fact Telstra and Optus Technical Staff that were posting fact not fictitious nonsense.
    And you well know what they were detailing was correct, hence the gagging action by blocking them.

    Andrew beware of the future with these types of issues, they may well come back and bite you politically.
    Its only a matter of time before a paradigm shift occurs and a number of our local body members are asked to formally explain their actions.
    Time to do your job for the Redlands and stop the nonsense, twisting detail may well end in grief.
    Start listening to your Constituents who actually live in Bowman.

  2. Thank you Mr Laming for the opportunity to respond to your survey. Democracy in practice if you accept the results. I find the 2030 survey very negative and biased by a very few respondents.

  3. Again the leftwing noisy minority speaks! Hyprocrysy ruling. Oh and who was that professional survey design company that conducted Redlands 2030 report?

    On the flip side Dr Laming works hard for his constituents and has delivered fantastic outcomes on their behalf, because you don’t hear of each and every one, it doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Credit where credit’s due, whatever side you’re on.

    If we all spent a little more time on ourselves and less on slandering politicians Australia would be a better place.

    • Alinda, look at the table in the article. Redlands2030 make no claim that the survey is scientific, nor that it is representative of the electorate as a whole. In this, the methodology is similar to Mr Laming’s own survey, but as he has a mailing allowance, his effort has a greater reach.
      The point of this, I think, is to show what an unrepresentative result you get when you have an unscientific, opt-in survey.

      • Thanks Andrew Jagels, I get it, so firstly Dr Laming is critisised for not conducting a “consultant expert guided” survey (at MASSIVE tax payer funds, of which he would have been critisised again). And the point of your exercise was to prove that if you too conducted such a survey it would result in rubbish statistics? So did you inform your cohort that what you were trying to achieve was pointless?

        Or was it just an excercise where the 181 respondents had nothing better to do than be negative towards someone that would help them if they needed help? Personally I need all the help and support I can get and appreciate it!

        Interestingly I thought this was about the Redlands and community, not a witch hunt and hatred filled discussion group.

      • Andrew, you are dreaming right? Same methodology? My survey comes every year to every Redland home delivered by Australia Post with their clear service obligation. No outsiders. A third of households haved responded since the survey started.
        2030 is an email survey by a couple of hundred IPs, probably the same person multiple times, that has been shared outside redlands for anyone nationwide angry enough to respond to. My professionally calculated net preference in redlands last election was +26 and +36 among 18-24 M and F; this survey puts me at -60. Hilarious that a site would even poll itself to prove how unrepresentative it is. But suits me and I have a short (I mean short) list of all the people commenting on here and you guessed it… it is 20 or 30 people in total. If you think my opt-in survey is unrepresentative (I can adjust for gender, age, suburb and political skew (which in the end is <1%), then let me know the problem and I can correct for it.

  4. I am all over the Electorate, and happy to have a chat. Just pm me and we can run through your concerns. With the highest community connection through social media in the nation, I welcome all feedback, even if it is frank and honest criticism. All views welcome, and I know that causes frustration among opponents.

      • Only occasionally Damien, and it is very effective on those rare occasions that I do it.

    • What a futile comment “the highest community connection through social media” in the land!! Says who? Another useless claim
      from Laming that can neither be proved nor disproved. Considering the increasing numbers of older people in the Redlands I sincerely doubt this claim and for the life of me I cannot see value in it anyway. So what does pm me mean…post meridien”? An elderly friend of mine asked me what a pollie was the other day. Some sort of parrot we suggested.

  5. I appreciate all feedback, including those who vote Green and Labor, and those who don’t live in Redlands. I am sorry if I cause you pain or frustration. Let’s celebrate democracy.

    • you just dont get it do you ? Any comments that you dont like are by greenies, Labourites and haters. None of these describe the comments above. They are from genuine people concerned about your appalling, self aggrandisment and continuing inability to understand issues important to Redlanders. By picking fights with people you divert from the main game – you need to listen to people’s comments not just cynically use your dodgy survey for your own self important purposes. Like Bronny Bishop, you are getting a reputation for indifference to voter concerns and a heightened sense of your own entitlement. Don’t ever forget you are a public servant, Mr Laming.

      • Exactly. Thank you for the most informed and intelligent response in this thread. Some of us aren’t party voters – we just want what’s best for the majority, not what’s best for Andre Laming. You’re a public servant, not a celebrity Andrew – time to step back and contemplate that.

    • I’m feeling left out! How about former liberal voters now disenchanted. Leaders who are not statesmen or anything like it, a total lack of vision, and the willingness or ability to communicate it, and an ethics defecit.
      Not good enough for this great country.

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