Petitions for change in Redland City

Petitions seeking change in laws, government policies or spending priorities are a popular way of getting communities engaged in the political process. Social media has made it possible for people to easily have a say about issues of concern by signing on-line petitions. Redland City Council is currently the target of petitions including eating dogs, […]

Troy Robbins sings “Ramsar Sell-out”

Local artist and environmental defender Troy Robbins wrote this song in response to proposals for a massive residential development at Toondah Harbour. The first performance of this song was before 250 people gathered at the Welcome Back Shorebirds event on 9th December 2017. Poignant poetry, emotions and more… Ramsar Sell-out – by Troy Robbins   […]

Redlands residents’ letters to the editor

Letters to Redlands2030 include the need for an after hours vet in the Redlands, comment on the recent state election and a response to comments made by Cr Paul Gleeson. If you have something to say, email RESPONSE TO COUNCILLOR GLEESON I write in response to the article describing Councillor Paul Gleeson’s recent efforts […]

YMCA town houses on Council agenda

Two development applications will be considered by Redland City Council at its last general meeting for 2017, to be held on Wednesday 13 December commencing at 9:30am. 48 YMCA Units in Victoria Point Council officers have recommended refusal of an application for development of 48 two story townhouse units on land at 124 and 126-128 […]

Labor gets near target of 50% female MPs

Almost half of the seats won by Labor in the 2017 Queensland election went to female candidates. Of the 48 seats won by Labor, males won 25 seats (52.1%) and females won 23 seats (47.9%). This is a significant increase in Labor’s female representation from the previous parliament elected in 2015. Of the 44 Labor […]

Get the facts about Toondah Harbour

Councillors recently issued divisional newsletters. In Division 2 Cr Mitchell stepped into the Toondah debate with a “Toondah Harbour update” which would have benefited from some fact checking. Sadly, Cr Mitchell’s contribution contains some fundamental errors. He wrongly declared there was a “green light” to progress the environmental impact assessment (EIA). The Federal Minister for […]

The Eprapah Creek bridge puzzle

Why would anyone want to build a totally unnecessary pedestrian bridge nobody wants, in the wrong place and for the wrong reasons? The proposed bridge would be environmentally harmful and it’s not wanted by the community. Help us to protect our local environment by signing a petition to the Queensland Parliament calling on Redland City […]