Toondah Harbour needs clean slate planning

Community engagement in planning for Toondah Harbour has been woeful under the priority development area process initiated by the LNP and supported by the current Labor government. Public interest has been been ignored and secretive decision-making allowed under the implausible excuse of “commercial in confidence”. Since the public last had an opportunity to comment, in […]

Old Harley’s don’t die

Small and innovative businesses are the backbone of the Redlands economy and owner operators work hard and for long hours to meet the needs of customers. Rusty Clark is the owner of  Rusty’s Bayside Custom Cycles, of Shore Street Cleveland, specializing in Harley Choppers, Bobbers and Harley parts. His story was told to one of […]

Mayor Williams gets a mysterious gift

More than $80,000 in political donations was received by Mayor Karen Williams during the 2016 election disclosure period, enabling her to significantly outspend opponent Greg Underwood. Many well known local businesses and personalities feature in Karen Williams’ recent disclosure of donations received but our interest was piqued by her declaration of a substantial gift from […]

Sport land, economic development and waste contracts on Redland Council’s agenda

Redland City Council’s next general meeting is on Wednesday 27 July. It’s another light agenda with just four items apart from routine noting of routine reports. Important issues such as review of the Draft City Plan continue to be dealt with by councillors and officers in non-public workshops. Delegation to CEO of authority to award […]

Letters to the editor 20 July

A koala sanctuary! I recently met with the Labor member of Capalaba to discuss the present scenario where without action the Redlands will lose all of our Koalas within a very short period of time. I brought to his attention the program now underway by Bob Irwin where he has fenced off a large area, […]

Urban hacktivism: getting creative about involving citizens in city planning

Urban and regional planning, as an institutional practice, is increasingly criticised for failing to meet ordinary citizens’ needs. Enter “hacktivism”. Fusing hacking and activism, the term has previously referred to using information technology to achieve political goals. While “hacking” often entails malicious attacks on websites, it has another meaning. Hacking also means innovative problem-solving by […]

Why adopt the Redlands Draft City Plan?

Redlands’ Draft City Plan 2015 is currently undergoing review by recently elected councillors in a series of non-public workshops. During their review process, councillors should be asking themselves this very simple question: Why should we approve the new plan? The current planning scheme, implemented in 2006 by the pro-development Seccombe council, allows ample growth in […]

Can Malcolm Turnbull do climate and energy policy now?

The re-elected Coalition government has the opportunity to revamp its policies on climate change. Transition of the energy sector is key if the 2030 emissions target is to be met. But with a razor-thin majority in Parliament, will Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have the appetite and internal authority to tackle the challenge? In contrast to […]

Birdwatching can be big business for Redlands

The so-called genteel pastime of birdwatching, or birding can also be…. big business.  In fact in academia it has its own term: avitourism. The benefits of avitourism is relatively familiar to Northern Hemisphere recreationists, especially USA, German and UK residents. There are thousands of tourists from the northern hemisphere travelling the world annually with the […]


Cleveland Scouts and Redlands2030 are having a community gathering on Saturday 16th July from 7am onwards.

And again on Sunday 17th July from 7am 
Come along to the Cleveland Scout Den, 42 Gordon Street, Ormiston for a Garage Sale bargain! Lots to choose from, bric-a-brac and sausage sizzle!

Support your community, join us for a cuppa and a chat with proceeds going to Cleveland Scouts and Redlands2030.

At 10am Saturday, come along and learn about Redlands2030.  The whys, the wherefores and the who!


Date: July 16, 2016—July 17, 2016
Event: Bric-a-Brac Fest 16 July
Topic: Bric-a-brac Festival
Sponsor: Cleveland Scouts and Redlands2030
Venue: Cleveland Scout Den
Location: 42 Gordon Street
Public: Public

Opinion: Australia needs major party reform

Australian democracy has delivered two tight results in the last few years raising questions about our major political parties. In 2010 we had a hung parliament for the first time in 70 years following the Rudd Gillard Revolving Door Wars. After the Abbott/Turnbull spill in 2015 the 2016 election is still up in the air […]

Recreation settings at Toondah Harbour

The recreation setting at G.J. Walter Park was one of many issues discussed at Redlands2030’s Toondah Harbour Clean Slate Workshop on 5 June 2016. It’s an issue that’s been given little consideration in planning to date for the Toondah Harbour Development Scheme. The impact of the Toondah Scheme will dramatically affect the recreation setting of the […]