Toondah Harbour and Straddie’s economic transition in Letters to the Editor 27 April 2016

The current State Government’s approach to Toondah Harbour needs to be revisited from all aspects and not rushed through says a young writer with aboriginal links to Straddie. There has been considerable, long standing opposition in the Redlands to developments impacting Moreton Bay with many petitions raised over the years. The proposed sailing school at […]

Council Meeting 27 April

The newly elected Redland City Council has its first general meeting on Wednesday 27 April, starting at 9:30 am. The meeting will be at Council’s chambers in Bloomfield Street in Cleveland. Members of the public are able to observe proceedings from the public gallery except when matters are discussed in ‘closed session’. Here is a […]

Message to the State Government about Toondah …it is time to deliver

When the Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson proclaimed the success of his Eastern Busway parliamentary petition as “an overwhelming success with the community making its voice heard loud and clear”.  He was touting that “over 1200 signatures” was “clear message to the State Government that it is time to deliver“. Organisers of the recent parliamentary […]

Community will not tolerate Toondah deal – open letter to Deputy Premier Jackie Trad

Over 2,000 people recently signed parliamentary petitions objecting to plans for Toondah Harbour. The Government’s response provoked this response from Redlands resident Margaret Hardy. Letter to Jackie Trad Dear Minister Trad Thank you for forwarding your response to the Clerk of Parliament for petitions 2561-16, 2562-16 and 2537-16 regarding the proposed development of Toondah Harbour. […]

Nature is neglected in this election campaign – at its and our own peril

The electioneering has begun. In a campaign set to be dominated by economic issues, the Coalition and Labor are locking horns over who can best manage our finances, protect jobs and make housing more affordable. The Greens predictably decry the major parties, including their cavalier climate-change policies. These are important issues, but are they highest […]

Does higher-density city development leave urban forests out on a limb?

Greater recognition of the benefits of urban forests is focusing efforts from all levels of government to defend and improve them. Perhaps the most iconic of these efforts is New York City’s Million Trees Program. Other initiatives of note include the City of Melbourne’s and the City of Sydney’s. Earlier this year, federal Environment Minister […]

Saving Australia’s migratory shorebirds

A new plan to help protect 35 species of shorebirds was launched by the Australian Government and Birdlife Australia recently at a summit in Melbourne. These birds regularly travel thousands of kilometres along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway to visit our shores during their non-breeding season. They rely on Australia’s coastal and freshwater wetlands as places […]

Williams wins as mayor but her team loses

Karen Williams has been reelected as Mayor but voters didn’t support her team in elections for divisional councillors. While Williams got 56% of the formal vote in the mayoral election, her team of councillor candidates only got 46% of the vote across the City’s ten divisions. Declared results confirm that the ‘Williams Team’ will have […]