Swiftboating in the Redlands

What should Redlands voters think about a Mayor so desperate to remove a political opponent that she prosecutes him through trial by media just before an election? It is an old trick and a dirty trick and one that is very difficult to recover from. In the USA John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign was sunk, […]

Traffic congestion and other election issues in letters to Redlands2030

Readers have a lot to say on election eve about developer concessions, population growth and traffic congestion. Election matters are also discussed including the Craig Ogilvie ‘beatup’ and the difference between team and independent candidates. Connecting the dots – development and traffic Mayor Williams’ new election slogan is apparently that she’ll fix the congestion on […]

If planners understand it’s cool to green cities, what’s stopping them?

Our cities are getting hotter, more crowded and noisier. Climate change is bringing more heatwaves, placing pressure on human health, urban amenity, productivity and infrastructure. Urban residents naturally want to stay cool. Air conditioning is the usual choice, but it can be expensive to run. Air conditioning also adds carbon pollution, creates noise and can […]

Faulty vision for Toondah Harbour

I write to express my concerns about the Toondah Harbour development. I do not live in the Redlands. I was born in Cleveland in 1958 and lived there until 1973. I returned to Cleveland with my family in 1996 and moved to Brisbane in 2008. I now contemplate returning to Cleveland to retire. I visit […]

Redlands voters, it’s time to choose your future

Redlands electors are now choosing their next Mayor and Council. Pre-poll voting has started ahead of the 19 March local government elections (and referendum on fixed four year terms for State MPs). Voters can choose traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure and more poorly planned development under Karen Williams and her team. Alternatively, voters can elect Greg […]

Redlands needs a much better City Plan

The Draft City Plan 2015 produced by the Williams Council was a shocker. It was developed with early input from the residential building sector and biased to favor that sector against existing residents. The community made a huge number of submissions about the draft plan, mainly objections calling for it to be withdrawn. Population projections […]

Bird-brained and brilliant: Australia’s avians are smarter than you think

Calling someone a “bird brain” is not usually meant as a compliment. But as research continues to reveal, birds are much smarter than was once thought. Australian birds are arguably among the smartest in the world. Some display complex behaviours such as problem solving, learning and tool use comparable to behaviours observed in great apes. […]

Questions of candidates: Redland City Council election

The local government election has generated much discussion about the future of the Redlands. Across the City some community groups have collaborated to seek the views of all candidates on issues critical to the community and public interest. These organisations are: Stradbroke Island Management Organisation Inc. (SIMO), Koala Action Group Qld Inc. (KAG), Community Alliance for Responsible […]

A murky tale about land development and electoral redistribution in Redland City

With local government elections almost upon us, Redland City CEO Bill Lyon has reminded voters to check which division they are in prior to next month’s Council elections. Division boundaries  were adjusted a few months ago by the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ), after putting a draft determination out for public consultation and considering submissions. […]