The ‘Mean Team’ and the Mayor’s trust deficit

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams recently attacked Redlands2030 in comments on her website. We don’t mind being attacked but we object to her making false and misleading accusations. In her diatribe she called us the “Mean Team”. Students of Australian swimming history would know that a similar label, ‘The Mean Machine’ was given to the […]

Election signs and Des Houghton’s credibility in Letters to Redlands2030

Letters to Redlands2030 this week are about election sign vandalism and an opinion about a recent opinion piece by newspaper columnist Des Houghton. Election signs Having lived in Capalaba for the past 30 years, I have become aware lately while driving around in the local area this past week, of seeing numerous signs of our […]

Queensland land clearing is undermining Australia’s environmental progress

Land clearing has returned to Queensland in a big way. After we expressed concern that policy changes since 2012 would lead to a resurgence in clearing of native vegetation, this outcome was confirmed by government figures released late last year. It is now clear that land clearing is accelerating in Queensland. The new data confirm […]

A view from Macleay Island by Robin Harris

Concerns of residents on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) were raised by Robin Harris at the Redland City Council meeting on 17 February 2016. Mr Harris is a resident of Macleay Island. His speech can be viewed by selecting Item 7 Public Participation from the agenda on the webpage for the meeting’s video recording. […]

Healy is “a chip off the old block”

Independent Redland City Council candidate Janine Healy discovered she is following in the famous footsteps of her great, great grandfather by running for election in Division 7 on March 19. Healy’s great, great grandfather John Healy served as a councilor and then mayor of Warwick in southeast Queensland from 1875 through to the 1890s. During […]

Community Alert: Toondah Harbour

The massive urban development masquerading as the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area is still being “discovered” by many residents across Redland City.  Many people living close to the site are unaware of the scale of the proposed development. Consequences of the Toondah development will include financial risks, congestion, economic impacts, lifestyle changes and social impacts. […]

Support an end to sand mining in 2019

A 2019 end to sand mining is supported by many residents of North Stradbroke Island. These residents argue that a 2019 end to sand mining, as provided for in a bill drafted by the Queensland Government, will: Restore justice to the traditional owners of North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), the Quandamooka People Reduce the damage to […]

Apartment construction is booming in Cleveland

  The area between Toondah Harbour and the Cleveland CBD is experiencing an apartment construction boom with 150 units under construction and at least 200 more units awaiting Council approval. 1 Fitzroy Street Application MCU013309 was submitted on 3 September 2014 and approved by Redland City Council on 28 November 2014. The developer is Javica Property […]

Australian Infrastructure Plan has some way to go to give our cities what they need

Infrastructure Australia’s latest report, Australian Infrastructure Plan, is a substantial contribution to better infrastructure planning. For our cities, it cogently argues for more compact settlement patterns and transport pricing reform. However, it has some substantial weaknesses. Integrating land use and transport priorities The report’s discussion about the need for more compact cities is impressive but […]

Ballot positions draw for Redland City Council elections

Positions on ballot papers for the 19 March Redland City Council elections were determined by drawing names out of a box this morning. District Returning Officer Harold Guy presided over the ballot draw held in front of many candidates and their representatives at the Redlands Performing Arts Centre. For each contest, positions on the ballot […]

Infrastructure disasters waiting to happen

Public submissions on Queensland’s draft State Infrastructure Plan closed in December, but residents of Redlands are urged to make their views known to their State member about at least one pernicious aspect of the draft. The plan features a new secretariat within Treasury to receive what it euphemistically calls ‘market-led proposals’, being projects that a […]

Letters to the Editor 14 February 2016

Letters to Redlands2030 this week deal with a wide range of topics: Council’s poor environmental performance Cleveland cemetery’s lack of toilet facilities What makes a good politician Deputy Mayor Alan Beard’s confused position on overdevelopment at Toondah Harbour   Mayor fails to protect the environment There must be an election coming! The Mayor, Karen Williams, […]

Bar-tailed godwits taking off from Oyster Point

Bar-tailed godwits taking off

Find out about the amazing birds of southern Queensland at a free workshop in Cleveland.

Beginners, families and kids are all welcome!

DATE: Friday 19 February
TIME: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM
PLACE: Lions Hall, 122 Shore Street North, Cleveland

Workshop details

Caspian tern at Toondah Harbour

Caspian tern at Toondah Harbour

This workshop is hosted by Birdlife Southern Queensland.

It’s part of Birdlife Australia’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) program.

People attending the workshop will:

  • Learn about the amazing feats of migratory shorebirds
  • Spot and identify shorebirds during a field trip to nearby Toondah Harbour
  • Find out about conservation of woodland birds
  • Enjoy a BBQ lunch/sausage sizzle (if you are busy working just join us for this Meet and Greet at 12:30)
  • Get a gift bird book if you sign up for membership of Birdlife Australia on the day

Speakers at the workshop include:

  • Mick Roderick (Woodland Birds Project Coordinator)
  • Dr Golo Maurer (IBA Project Manager)

More information is available in this flyer

Are you coming?

Bring binoculars (if you have them), a water bottle and sun-smart gear (hat, sunscreen etc).

RSVP: by 17 February to Golo Maurer

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0467 444 114
Date: February 19, 2016
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Event: Amazing birds of southern Queensland
Topic: Amazing birds of southern Queensland
Sponsor: Birdlife Southern Queensland
Venue: Lions Hall
Public: Public

The Williams Team, it ain’t easy being independent, and murky media matters

James Harling, opposing Councillor Lance Hewlett in Division 4, is the candidate we had to have. The Mayor’s supporters would never have allowed Mr. Hewlett, one of her real pains in the neck, to scoot back into his chair in the chamber unopposed. Whether they chose Mr. Harling, or he chose them, hardly matters. This […]

Why a walk in the woods really does help your body and your soul


Have you ever wondered why you feel healthier and happier when you stroll through the trees or frolic by the sea? Is it just that you’re spending time away from work, de-stressing and taking in the view? Or is there more to it? For more than 20 years, scientists have been trying to determine the […]