Caretaker period for Council ahead of elections

With the holidays over we’re back to providing a weekly report on Council issues. This week’s report includes: Community workshop discussing environmental aspects and impacts of the controversial Toondah Harbour project Matters discussed at the Council’s meeting on 27 January including water based play, CBD and tourism development incentives, bushland conservation and the St James […]

The ethical city: an idea whose time has come

Globally, there is intense discussion about the future of urban life through the World Urban Campaign. The central proposition is that: the battle for a more sustainable future will be won or lost in cities Presumably, this is predicated on the fact that 54% of the world’s people live in cities, where 70% of global […]

Toondah Harbour plans questioned

Plans for a Toondah Harbour mega development provoke letters to Redlands2030. Why exactly did Council and the State Government ignore the professional advice of 24 experts and community members who created different vision options for the upgraded transport terminal? An eminent architect says this mega project makes Queensland and Australia an international laughing stock, is […]

Cleveland train station development plans

It’s been nearly a year since Labor replaced the LNP in Queensland but not much has changed when it comes to transparency of planning and development. Back in April 2014 The LNP government invited tenders to redevelop the car park at the Cleveland train station into a mixed-purpose transport hub, likely to include residential units. […]

Environmental impacts of a massive dredging and development project at Toondah Harbour will be discussed at a workshop in Cleveland on 30 January

Environmental impacts of planned development at Toondah Harbour will be discussed at a workshop in Cleveland.

DATE: Saturday 30 January
TIME: 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
PLACE: Lions Hall, 122 Shore Street North, Cleveland

Environmental impacts

The workshop will discuss environmental assessment of Walker Corporation’s Toondah Harbour ‘Master Plan’.

  • Migratory shorebirds and Moreton Bay
  • Marine life of the area
  • Toondah Project an engineering overview
  • Federal Government environmental assessment of environmental impacts
  • Previous environmental assessments of the area


Community and environmental groups attending:

  • Australian Marine Conservation Society
  • Birdlife Southern Queensland
  • CARP
  • Friends of Stradbroke
  • Koala Action Group
  • Redlands2030
  • SEQ Catchments
  • SIMO
  • University of Queensland (academic staff)
  • Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld

This workshop is being convened by Redlands2030.

A limited number of places are still available for attendance at this workshop. If you wish to attend please email advising your interest.


081 Eastern curlew G.J. Walter Park beach Cleveland 15 February 2015

Migratory shorebirds like the critically endangered eastern curlew feed in the Toondah Harbour area

Date: January 30, 2016
Time: 10:30
Event: Environmental impacts of Toondah Harbour development
Sponsor: Redlands2030 Inc.
Venue: Lions Hall
Location: 122 Shore Street North
Cleveland, queensland 4163
Public: Private

Top 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses

How can we improve our local community’s economic resilience? A sustainable local economy means having lots of eggs in lots of baskets. One approach, put forward by the USA’s Institute for Local Self-Reliance, is to champion locally owned businesses. They’ve prepared a list of 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses which we reprint below. […]

Residents petition for a better Toondah plan

Redlands residents are petitioning the Government to change Toondah Harbour development plans to prevent massive environmental destruction. In 1989 similar development plans were canned by the state government following community opposition including a petition signed by 12,000 people. Nearly 30 years later local residents are mounting a campaign for the Government to ensure that redevelopment […]

Deputy Premier: End the rort, just fix the port

The proposed marina and residential development at Toondah Harbour has all the hallmarks of a major planning disaster. What started as a plan to improve access to North Stradbroke Island has morphed into a sleazy Joh era coastal land grab. Parking and traffic issues have not been properly considered at any stage of the project’s […]

Toondah Harbour development threatens critically endangered shorebirds

BirdLife Southern Queensland will be asking the Queensland State Government to review the Master Plan of the Toondah Harbour Development in Cleveland as, in its current iteration, it will involve the destruction of critical shorebird feeding grounds and high tide roosts. Australia is a destination for many non-breeding migratory shorebird species. On the East Coast […]

Find yourself in Macro Nature Photography

Historically, time in nature has been prescribed for the convalescence of body, mind and spirit. There is a simple reason for this. There is little for the thinking mind to go to work on in nature. So being in nature is, fundamentally, a holiday from the thinking mind. This is how I started doing macro […]

Queensland koalas thrive in Budapest

It was a seven degree day, warm for Budapest in late December. On holidays, a special visit was arranged for me to go behind the scenes at Budapest Zoo to meet two Queensland koalas. As I live in Redlands, once billed as the koala capital of the world, it was going to be interesting to […]