Redlands photos you liked in 2015

In 2015 many people contributed their photos to Redlands2030. To showcase this talent we present a gallery of 20 photos each by a different photographer. Details for each photo include a date link to its original posting on the Redlands2030 facebook page. Cleveland Point Sunrise by Hannah Frey posted 24 July 2015 Would you like […]

Palaszczuk government’s sand mining repeal Bill now before parliament

Labor’s promised repeal of the Newman amendments to the 2011 North Stradbroke legislation is now under way. The repeal Bill was introduced into parliament on 3 December. The Palaszczuk Government’s Bill, if passed, will restore the 2019 end date for the “Enterprise” sand mine and impose a restricted mine path of 344 hectares. The Bill […]

Toondah protest and Willards Farm action in Redland City Council news

Since its last general meeting on 9 December, Redland City Council held special meetings in closed session on 16 December and 21 December. Here are links to: Meeting minutes 16 & 21 December Meeting minutes 21 December Items discussed at these closed session special meetings include: Agreements for Walker Corporation’s proposed developments around Toondah Harbour […]

Toondah PDA, employment generation and a Redlands song in letters to Redlands2030

A couple of letters about recently unveiled plans for development at Toondah Harbour. One says it doesn’t make sense and another asks if it’s ambitious enough. Also, Greg Underwood, Mayoral Candidate, talks about his plan for local jobs and there’s a song about Redland City issues. Toondah proposals don’t make sense The Toondah Harbour proposals recently […]

Spare a thought for our furry friends this Christmas

A pet dog taking part in Christmas traditions

Christmas is typically a time for celebrating and spending time with loved ones. But while we party, give lavish presents, and visit our families, we can sometimes overlook how some very important family members — our pets — might be affected. We should give special consideration at this time of year to the animals we […]

Community concern about Toondah infrastructure deal

Community protest against Toondah infrastructure deal Residents will be protesting this week against Redland City Council’s plans to sign an infrastructure agreement for the Toondah Harbour mega-project. The protest will be held outside Council chambers from 8.30 am on Wednesday. Cleveland resident and protest organizer, Jeannette Douglass said: “We welcome any Redland residents who feel […]

National spotlight on cities must not leave local input in the shade

The federal government’s recent turn to cities is largely driven by its recognition that Australia’s cities are valuable economic assets. Cities Minister Jamie Briggs called his new job “fundamentally an economic portfolio”. Since the call for significant investment in cities, there has been no shortage of great ideas on how the government might tackle the […]

World Wetlands Day – 2 February

World Wetland Day celebrates wetlands around the world

(click to enlarge)

World Wetlands Day is held each year on 2 February.

In 2016 the theme is:
Wetlands for our Future: Sustainable Livelihoods

2 February is the anniversary of the Ramsar Convention – an international treaty promoting  conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

Australia’s Ramsar sites

Moreton Bay Ramsar site is a large area of wetlands close to Brisbane

Moreton Bay Ramsar site (click to enlarge)

Australia has listed 65 Ramsar sites including the Moreton Bay Ramsar site.

In managing its Ramsar wetlands Australia is required to promote conservation and wise use – broadly defined as maintaining their ecological character.

World Wetlands Day in Australia

The Wetlands in Focus photography prize for pictures of Australian wetlands is open to photographers of all ages. Competition rules and entry information are available here.

Birds feeding on werlands near Toondah Harbour

Birds feeding in the Moreton Bay Ramsar site near Toondah Harbour


Date: February 2, 2016
Time: 00:00 am
Event: World Wetlands Day on 2 February 2016
Public: Public

Greg Underwood takes on Karen Williams to become the next Redland City Mayor

Greg Underwood is campaigning against Karen Williams for the job of Redland City Mayor. Many Redlands voters will welcome having a choice at the local government elections on 19 March next year. They will expect the candidates to campaign effectively, each explaining why they deserve the top job for a four year term. The local […]

Toondah Harbour biodiversity and more housing development in Victoria Point

This week’s letters keep the spotlight on planned development in the Redlands. Doug Jones writes about Toondah Harbour’s biodiversity and the Clay Gully residential development in Victoria Point is discussed by Joy and Mike Rowe. Do you have a comment to make? You can share your views by sending an email to   More […]

Parks back-flip, koala laws and Birkdale units discussed by Redland City Council

Redland City Council Meeting had its last general meeting of the year on 9 December 2015. Here is a link to the Council’s meeting minutes. You can watch a video of the meeting or listen to an audio recording. Some of the matters discussed at the meeting are detailed below. Council back-flips on park sell-off […]

Council’s real estate deals questioned

108 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba was sold in April 2015 by RIC

With the stated aim of making money, Redland City Council decided in late 2014 to set up its own real estate development company – the Redland Investment Corporation (RIC). A plan to sell several blocks of ‘surplus’ Council parkland was envisaged but community outrage during City Plan consultation put this in the category of ‘seemed […]

Clay Gully “once more to the barricades”

The contentious development proposal near Clay Gully Road and Brendan Way has reared its head again and this before the 2016 local government elections and the completion of the City Plan 2015. Clearly this Xmas rush isn’t all about shopping but the Xmas rush is a time to rush things through Council. Ausbuild again The recent […]

SIMO calls for City Plan moratorium

SIMO is asking for a moratorium on the proposed new Redland City Plan – it’s not ‘fit for purpose’. The needs of North Stradbroke Island need to be properly addressed. Current standards, including the local plan for Point Lookout, should be retained. The use of dwellings as ‘holiday rentals’ is a big problem. Action through […]

Environmental impact assessment of Toondah Harbour development plans

Plans for dredging and land reclamation for development of the Toondah Harbour area have been referred by Walker Corporation to the Federal Government for consideration of environmental impacts. Members of the public can review the information that Walker Corporation has included in its referral and make comments to the Federal Government no later than Tuesday […]