Shoreline to be considered at Council Meeting

Redland City Council next meets on Wednesday 18 November commencing at 9:30 am. Here’s a link to the meeting agenda. Some of the agenda items are discussed below. Shoreline A proposal to extend Redland City’s urban footprint into southern Redlands will be considered by councillors at their meeting on Wednesday. The 278 page officers report  […]

Pink trees and other concerns about City Plan in letters to Redlands2030

The new City Plan continues as the major topic of contention in this week’s letters. The mystery of pink trees in a for sale park seems to have been solved. Rezoning a Victoria Point reserve for development is labeled “gross environmental vandalism”, while another writer strongly disagrees with the pro-development mantra “populate or perish”. There’s […]

Queensland Parliament looks at four year terms

Queensland could soon have a referendum about four year fixed term elections. A report by Parliament’s Finance and Administration Committee has made a number of recommendations including: Elections to be held every four years, bringing Queensland into line with all other Australian states. Elections to be held on the last Saturday in October Provisions to […]

Council discusses political donations at its meeting on 4 November

Draft City Plan submissions due 27 November The deadline for submissions about the Draft City Plan 2015 is 27 November 2015. The Council’s final consultation activity is scheduled for Capalaba College Markets on Sunday 15 November from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Redlands2030 has updated its City Plan submissions page and published several articles about City […]

Draft City Plan 2015 could devastate Redlands koalas

Koala habitat protection would be substantially weakened if the Draft City Plan is approved. The Council’s proposed Redland City Plan 2015 would remove vegetation protection from lots less than 2,000m2 (half acre) in the urban parts of Redland City where many koalas live. In the city’s rural areas, nearly 400 hectares could potentially be cleared […]

Redland’s scenic amenity needs protection in City Plan 2015

What’s a view worth? The scenery and beauty of Redland City is often mentioned by the Council but its Draft City Plan  does nothing to protect our best views. We need a planning tool to ensure that our scenic amenity is protected and managed. The good news is that there are ways of doing this. […]

Stop the miners: you can help Australia’s birds by planting native gardens

Some Australian birds are pushing out other species, and even damaging trees. Noisy and bell miners are two of Australia’s most aggressive bird species. Found throughout eastern Australia, in recent years their numbers have increased at the expense of our smaller birds. Both species are spreading to new areas, largely due to human destruction of […]

Park sale and heritage loss upset residents in Redland City

This week’s mailbag continues the rage from locals angered at Council’s proposal to turn 16 parks into development opportunities. One writer asks if councillors ever stop to think what is it about the Redlands that presently makes it so liveable, likeable and lovable? Another says it’s time to dispose of the current council. Other writers […]

Another community hotspot: Muller Street, Redland Bay

Community concern over a proposed subdivision at Muller Street Redland Bay is becoming another Redlands2030 Hotspot. A recent decision about relaxation of koala protection rules for this development raises questions about Redland City Council’s protection of environmental values and the way that Council makes some of its decisions. The proposed residential development ROL005924 is for 64 lots […]

Information for election candidates

Learn about running for election as mayor or councillor at an information session to be held in Cleveland.

Venue: Redlands Performing Arts Centre (RPAC)

Date: 4 November 2015

Time: commencing at 6:30 pm

The event is being held by the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

It is one of many information sessions being held across Queensland in preparation for the Local Government Election on 19 March 2016.

The intending candidates program gives prospective candidates an insight into the roles and responsibilities of councillors and offers them the opportunity to make informed decisions on whether to nominate for election.

More information is available on the Government’s webpage for Local Government Elections.


To register please email or phone 07 3452 6762.

Further information

Further information for candidates is available in an article published by Redlands2030:

Positions vacant – Mayor and 10 councillors

You can keep up to date with news about the Redland City Council election at this Facebook event:

Election for Mayor and 10 councillors

Councillors division boundaries

Redland City Council has 10 councillors. The Electoral Commission of Queensland has published a Final Determination Report which sets out the boundaries for the 10 councillor divisions.

Candidates will be running for these Redland City Council divisions

The boundaries for councillor divisions as published by Electoral Commission of Queensland in its Final Determination Report

Date: November 4, 2015
Time: 06:30 p.m.
Event: Information session for mayor or councillor candidates
Topic: So you want to be a councillor
Sponsor: Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
07 3452 6762
Venue: Redland Performing Arts Centre
Location: 2 -16 Middle Street
Cleveland , Queensland​ 4163
Public: Public

Transport, solar power, political donations, koalas, and 12 units next to a Capalaba park

Transport forums kicked off The first Redland City Transport Forum was held at RPAC on Sunday afternoon. The event was attended by about 50 people including councillors Beard, Bishop, Boglary, Elliott and Ogilvie. After an opening address from Mayor Karen Williams, Guest speakers Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Dr Matthew Burke and Darren Crombie made presentations about future megatrends, transport […]