Shoreline, Toondah, City Plan and surf in the Council news

Here is a link to the minutes from the Council meeting held on 18 November. You can watch a video of the meeting or listen to an audio recording. Shoreline Project The Shoreline Project was approved by Redland City Council on 18 November. The vote was 6-5, councillors voting for the project were Williams, Beard, […]

Redlands2030 submission to Draft City Plan

The Draft Redland City Plan 2015 has been a “hot topic” across the city since it was released for community comment and feedback. Our initial assessment said City Plan 2015 points to an unpleasant future. Further review confirms that the proposed planning scheme will reduce quality of life in an increasingly congested city. The Council […]

Community opposition to Draft City Plan 2015

Redlands residents who stopped by the Redlands2030 stall at Cleveland Markets recently have been very clear in their opposition to the Draft City Plan. Straw Polling Redlands2030 polled response to various issues while talking to hundreds of people at the Cleveland Markets in recent weeks: A 50,000 population increase was rejected. Well over 90% thought […]

Eprapah Creek estuary rezoning for marine industry in Draft City Plan

It is disturbing to see the massive changes made to the marine precinct in Beveridge Road in the Draft Redlands City Plan 2015. The Eprapah Creek estuary has always been recognised for its ecological significance in present and past Redland planning schemes. There are good reasons for the protection granted to this area: its proximity […]

Valuing darkness – on North Stradbroke Island

Darkness at night is a fundamental generator of natural awe and wonder. For a moment of night we have a glimpse of ourselves and of our world islanded in its stream of stars — pilgrims of mortality, voyaging between horizons across eternal seas of space and time. Henry Beston, The Outermost House: A Year of […]

Is development destroying the Redlands?

Community consultation for the Draft City Plan comes to a close at 4.30 pm Friday November 27. Be sure to get your comments in and tell Council what you think. Every submission counts. You can find more information on making submissions here. Letters this week question where the benefits are from this 25-year plan for […]

Better heritage protection is required in the Redland City Plan

Redlands rich cultural heritage is being lost due to inaction by the Redland City Council. At best the Council has been negligent over many years. More likely, the Council has willfully disregarded its heritage protection obligations. Three studies (in 1995, 2002 and 2012) have identified many places of heritage significance in the City including a […]

Objections to City Plan rezoning – Lind Street Thornlands

Residents gather to discuss Draft City Plan About 45 residents gathered in Lind Street, Thornlands this afternoon to discuss the Redland City Council’s Draft City Plan. Of particular concern is a proposal that part of Lind Street be rezoned from minimum block size of 6,000 sqm to allow residential development with an average lot size […]

SWAG says “Enjoy! … Don’t destroy!”

Residents in and around Workington Street Park in Alexandra Hills have joined the groundswell  of community opposition to the Council rezoning local parks and selling them off to developers. Parks go to the heart of community. The broad sweep of Redland City Council’s attack on parks is generating angry reactions across the City. Save Workington […]

Queensland (and Redlands) would be better without developer donations…

I recently asked Redland City Council to write to the State Government expressing support for changes to the Local Government Electoral Act that would: • Put a cap on political donations: and • Stop developers making political donations. Now, I have incorporated these proposals into an e-petition to the Queensland Parliament Please sign this petition […]

Community gives red light to Draft City Plan

The Courier Mail says protesters have recently been waving placards on the roadside in Redland City. In today’s Village Green (Page 74) Brian Williams says: Cripes they are a rambunctious lot in Redland City. Residents are agitating about the level of development contained in the city’s draft town plan. It’s not often you see residents […]

Transport challenges and opportunities in the Redlands in this week’s letters

Letters this week are about the worsening transport challenges that the Redlands faces. One local thinks we should follow many other Australian and overseas communities and offer regular free minibus transport to get around during the day. And another resident asks if the often-spruiked dedicated bus lane between Coorparoo to Capalaba is just a cruel joke. […]

Infill housing in Redlands – are we getting it right?

I am sitting here at my office window in Whepstead (Manor) precinct, Wellington Point, listening to the industrial thrum of my neighbour’s air conditioner, a recent addition to this home. I had been wondering about the pros and cons of infill housing for some time and decided I should write a critique of this style […]

Our Councillors’ responsibilities regarding Shoreline

17 November 2015 Today, one of the most controversial proposals of the past three years comes before council. It is the vote on the approvals necessary for the Shoreline development. Much has been made by the developer of the benefits this development will bring to its new residents. Claims have been made by its proponents […]

City Plan allows too much tree clearing

Tree clearing rules proposed in the Draft City Plan would allow unprecedented environmental harm in the Redlands. The proposed City Plan rules would protect trees less effectively than the current Redland City Planning Scheme and local laws. Brisbane City Council does not have tree clearing exemptions/allowances in their City Plan. They have a tight, prescriptive […]