Trains, land sales and unhealthy waterways in Redland City Council news

The Mayor takes a train On Friday morning the Mayor took a train into the City. This exciting news was posted on Council’s Facebook page. People were invited to submit questions or comments about transport to and from the Redlands. The Council also advised that forums about transport issues will be held on: Sunday 1 […]

Toondah project could have 10,000 residents

The Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area could accommodate up to 10,000 people, under plans being developed by preferred developer Walker Corporation. Mayor Karen Williams and Redlands2030 President Steve MacDonald discussed Toondah Harbour plans at the Raby Bay Ratepayers’ Association (RBRA) meeting on Monday evening. While there was a clear clash of ideas between the two […]

Wings Over Redlands

Wings over Redlands is a new exhibition at the Redland Museum.

It presents stories about the Flying Boat services which used to operate out of Redland Bay.

Other aspects of Redland City’s aeronautical history are also presented.

Wings over Redlands opens at the Redland Museum on Sunday 25 October 2015 at 10:45 am

The Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honorable, Paul de Jersey AC will be opening the exhibition, accompanied by Mrs de Jersey.

Bookings are required to attend the official opening.

Tickets are $10.00 each.

You can book and obtain tickets here.

This exhibition has been the idea of local enthusiast Terence Hendricks, combined with the Redland Museum, Alexandra Hills and Cleveland Uniting Church Men’s Sheds and many other individuals and community groups

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Flying boat services used to operate out of Redland Bay

Date: October 25, 2015
Time: 10:45 am
Event: Wings over Redlands - Official opening at the Redland Museum
Topic: Wings over Redlands - Opening at the Redland Museum
Sponsor: Redland Museum
Venue: Redland Museum
Location: 60 Smith Street,
Cleveland 4063
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

City Plan 2015 points to an unpleasant future

The Draft City Plan 2015 is a sloppy and inadequate piece of work. The Redland City Council is actively planning for a huge 50,000 increase in population without explaining how employment and infrastructure will be provided to support these people. Impacts on the area’s environment and heritage are not explained either. Redlands would change from […]

Parks, koalas and the Council’s Christmas show

Council meeting on 7 October to discuss koalas Redland City Council next meets on Wednesday 7 October commencing at 9:30 am. Here’s a link to the meeting agenda. On 22 April Council resolved to “commit to an immediate review of koala area mapping and the requirements for dog owners in koala areas in response to […]

Transitioning Queensland to Clean Energy

Our Sunshine State has a world class solar resource, and good wind, wave and biomass resources. So people often ask me, “What would it take for Queensland to transition away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy (RE), combined with energy efficiency? Is it technically and economically possible to do this?” The answer to the […]

Trees, donkeys and an elephant in this week’s Letters to the Editor

Letters this week are about trees, the Draft City Plan and Toondah Harbour and the letters really do feature donkeys and an elephant. The importance of trees in the Redlands According to our mayor, when she opened a recent workshop on Aboriginal Scar Trees: “Trees tell stories”. According to the draft city plan very few […]

Meet the planner eventProposed new planning laws will be discussed by State Government officers at a workshop arranged by Redlands2030 for Wednesday 14 October from 6:00 pm, at The Red Place, Cleveland (map).

Seats are limited and preference will be given to people who RSVP via an email to

Scope of the new planning laws

The Queensland Government is consulting about a revamp of the State’s planning laws which deal with:

  • How local councils develop planning schemes
  • Approval (or refusal) of development applications
  • Dispute resolution in the Planning and Environment Court

The new planning laws could ensure that cities are well planned with genuine community engagement, or they could make it easier for developers to avoid ‘red tape’. It’s your choice, but have your say soon.

Government officers to meet with Redlands residents

Redlands2030 invites people to attend a “meet the planner” session to discuss the proposed new laws with staff from the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Local Government.

Seats are limited and preference will be given to people who RSVP via an email to

Further information about the draft planning bills is available from:

Submissions about the draft bills can be made to the Department until 6:00 pm on Friday 23 October 2015.

Meet the planner event

Date: October 14, 2015
Time: 06:00 pm
Event: New planning laws - Redland City consultation event
Sponsor: Redlands2030
Venue: The Red Place
Location: 99 Bloomfield Street
Cleveland 4163
Public: Public

Are community values being ignored at Alma Street, Thorneside?

Residents of Mooroondoo have been organising to stop the over development of a parcel of land at 24 Alma Street Thorneside. Sadly it is a story being repeated across the city: the values of the community are being over ridden by development that is at odds with the existing planning scheme but more importantly community […]

Broadband is the key infrastructure for the 21st century

Earlier this month, the US Broadband Opportunity Council declared that broadband is “taking its place alongside water, sewer and electricity as essential infrastructure for communities”. Descriptors like “very fast” (Australia), “superfast” (UK), “ultra-fast” (New Zealand) or “ultra-high speed” (Singapore) reinforce the message that speed is an essential component of good broadband. But what would a […]