Toondah Harbour and negative reporting in Letters to the Editor – 6 September 2015

Letters to Redlands2030

This week your letters include one wanting more positive stories about Council. Have a look at our respectful reply. Also, a Newcastle visitor to GJ Walter Park, Cleveland, asks us to learn from the mistakes of waterside over-development elsewhere when it comes to Toondah Harbour. What’s on your mind? Share it with your community through […]

Redland City Council news – 5 September 2015

Draft City Plan 2015 consultation Consultation about the draft City Plan 2015 will be from 14 September to 27 November. The consultation period of 54 business days, almost twice the minimum period required by law, was supported by all councillors at a Special Meeting on Thursday. The report to councillors included a letter from Deputy […]

Eight storey hotel approval questioned by residents

Where can you get approval for an eight story building in a five storey zone? Redland City Council recently approved such an application leaving many to wonder why the City bothers to have a planning scheme. It seems  as if this is a City where developers are encouraged to do mostly whatever they want to. […]