Andrew Laming MP – what you said about him

Federal MP Andrew Laming has received clear feedback from a recent survey with 80% of respondents saying that he is not doing a good job. The on-line survey, conducted by Redlands2030, finds that he should focus on Federal Government issues instead of local council and state government issues. Respondents to the survey said that he […]

Planning reform: Not more of the same…please

It is hard not to conclude that the Queensland planning framework has been reborn too many times since the introduction of the Integrated Planning Act followed by the Sustainable Planning Act. The Government is now undertaking another major revision and this points to a long-running failure of planning and policy development. Many people and organisations […]

Losing bees will sting more than just our taste for honey

We may lose a lot more than honey if bees are unable to cope with the changing climate and increasing demand for agricultural land. Your morning coffee might be a thing of the past if bees disappear, and if coffee isn’t your thing, you undoubtedly eat many of the fruit and vegetables (and chocolate) that […]

Letters to Redlands2030 – 26 July 2015

Sending letters to the Editor Redlands2030 is now publishing letters from people in the community. We intend to do this in a weekly post to the Redlands2030 website. Letters should be short (less than 300 words) and will be published over the writers real name and suburb. If you have something to say, send your […]

Redland City Council News – 26 July 2015

The next meeting of the Redland City Council will be held on Wednesday 29 July, starting at 9:30 am. Here is a link to the meeting agenda. A few items which may be of interest to residents and ratepayers are discussed below. Proposed service station in Redland Bay (Item 11.3.3) The officers report says: The […]

The Coalition’s NBN – a huge waste of money

Despite his earlier fervent opposition and having voted very strongly against the National Broadband Network (NBN) under Labor, in recent times Federal Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming, has become something of an NBN evangelist, wildly spruiking the Coalition’s ‘Fast, Affordable, Sooner’ claims. I count no less than ten articles in local press over the past […]

Willards Farm – part of the Redlands heritage

Willards Farm played an important role during World War II and it is a direct link to the Redlands’ farming history.  But the battle now being fought is about ensuring future generations are able to see and even feel this history…on the ground. Redland City Council has received an application for residential subdivision which would […]

We need to tighten the law to protect wildlife homes

Three recent reports make clear that we should be saving habitat in order to save species. It is pretty simple. Destroy a species’ habitat and you destroy its home. The first report was issued last week by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), Birdlife Austrlia and Environmental Justice Australia. Its take away message is that in […]

Redland City Council News – 19 July 2015

Council Meeting 15 July items discussed at the Redland City Council meeting on Wednesday 15 July included: Incentives for investment in the Cleveland CBD and tourism accommodation Support for Horizon Foundation developing a facility in Capalaba Adoption of a revised International Relations Policy  $1.5 million incentive scheme for Cleveland CBD extended (Item 11.2.3) Redland City […]

Clean State Dirty Money 29 August Developers and political connections
The Redlands Branch of the Queensland Greens invite you to join them for a fascinating forum on the topic of political connections, developers and the impact on local democracy.

Saturday 29 August from 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Venue: Capalaba Place, 14 Noeleen Street, Capalaba

(near Capalaba Central Shopping Centre)


Speaker 1: Cameron Murray – UQ Economic Researcher and co-author of Clean Money in a Dirty System: Relationship Networks and Land Rezoning in Queensland

Speaker 2: Steve Macdonald – Spokesperson for Redlands2030 Inc

More information

Date: August 29, 2015
Time: 2.30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Event: Developers and Political Connections
Topic: Developers and political connections
Location: Capalaba Place,
14 Noeleen Street, Capalaba
Public: Public

Follow the money: the difficult path to political donation reform

Revelations of mafia-linked donations to the Liberal Party have once again prompted calls to reform Australia’s extraordinarily lax system of political finance regulation. Former Liberal leader John Hewson said the only way to guarantee transparency is to ban all corporate or union donations, to limit individual donations to A$1000 and to have immediate disclosure. The […]

Misleading community surveys

Over recent times, our federal member, Andrew Laming, has used surveys as a means to gather constituents’ opinion. Fine in theory. But while he proclaims that the surveys reveal what the people think and want, these surveys are entirely amateurish and produce meaningless data – not useful information. Unfortunately for us all, they are a […]

Are Shoreline’s complaints credible?

Redlands2030 and the Koala Action Group (KAG) have raised concerns about the proposed Shoreline residential project in Southern Redlands. Shoreline has attempted to deflect criticism by attempting the traditional tactic of shooting the messenger. But we think that they are firing blanks. KAG takes action to save koalas The plight of koalas is of interest […]

Redland City Council news – 12 July 2015

Redland City Council’s redevelopment of Bloomfield Street Park is nearly done. Cr Craig Ogilvie, councillor for Division 2 which includes Cleveland, noted that small children were having a great time on the new colourful playground equipment. He also said that the redeveloped park should become a popular meeting place. Agenda for Council Meeting on 15 […]

LNP private member Planning Bills

Statutory land use planning has long been a contest between proponents of development and objectors (often whole communities). All sides are wanting greater certainty from the planning and development process. In an unusual turn of events a Queensland Parliamentary Committee is considering a planning bill introduced as a private Members’ Bill by the shadow planning […]