Open letter to the Premier of Queensland

Open letter to the Premier of Queensland to save koalas Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Premier Queensland Government   Dear Premier PROPOSED ‘SHORELINE’ DEVELOPMENT CATASTROPHIC FOR REDLANDS’ VULNERABLE KOALAS Please – Save our koalas from extinction. Please – Call in and refuse the ‘Shoreline’ Development Application to Redland City Council – Redland Bay MCU013287. Please – […]

Rushwood residents raise traffic and odour questions about Ausbuild’s development plans

Concerns about Ausbuild’s proposed development in Wrightson Road Thornlands were voiced at the last Redland City Council meeting. Spokesperson Daniel Kohler addressed the Council and mentioned a number of concerns including traffic impacts on Rushwood Estate residents. He also pointed out that the proposed new housing estate was a mere 220m from the closest poultry […]

Four ways we can clean up corruption in land rezoning

One routine governance decision prone to corruption is the zoning of our cities. Land zoning rules supposedly ensure complementary uses are co-located while conflicting uses are not. For instance, zoning ensures chemical plants are not built next to schools and electricity grids are planned for areas with future population pockets. But zoning also determines the […]

Redland City Council news – 6 June 2015

Redlands2030 brings you a weekly summary of Redland City Council news, and other information. Johnny Depp was in town The main event in Redland City this week was three days of filming for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Johnny Depp was wonderful and made many people very happy. Alexandra Hills mum Kaylynn Ludwig made headlines […]

How best to invest in infrastructure!

The community spends an awful lot of money on infrastructure. But does it get spent wisely? And what could we do to ensure that we get better value for taxpayers and ratepayers. Infrastructure is normally defined as facilities, shared by a community, that are necessary preconditions for economic activity. Commonly there are three forms of […]

Opinion: Stop Shoreline NOT farming!

The proposed Shoreline development would extinguish a vital tract of prime farming land in Redland Bay. Productive farms along Serpentine Creek Road and Scenic Road will be lost to future generations and as will their right to farm. This would be a sad legacy of the current Redland City Council and State Government. Don’t rush […]

Without affordable housing, we won’t have a society worth living in

Home ownership, the Australian Dream, is becoming a fading hope for those without an existing foothold in the market. For increasing numbers of younger Australians, the dream will give way to a future as tenants. This will have far-reaching negative impacts on how people live together in both the inner city and the suburbs unless […]