Councillors horse around on local laws

Last week the Redland City Council voted narrowly to amend various local laws. The most contentious local laws issue was deciding to let horses be ridden in any Council park or reserve,  except where specifically prohibited. This is a reversal of the long standing laws which say that horses can only be ridden in places […]

Council laws and the definition of stupidity

Lynn Roberts,  Vice-president of the Redlands based Koala Action Group, recently spoke to Redland City Council about the need for immediate  improvement to the City’s local laws on animal management. Here is what she said, at the Council Meeting on 22 April 2015. Redland City’s Local laws Good morning Mayor and councillors. Thank you for […]

Ospreys move in to new home

Wellington Point’s ospreys have moved in to their new home. A 20 metre steel tower has been provided by Redland City Council to replace the birds’ previous nesting site in a tall Cook pine tree. The tree had to be removed because of safety concerns, as reported by the Redland City Bulletin. Before the the […]

New Redland City Corporate Plan lacks focus

The new five year Corporate Plan drafted by Redland City Council lacks focus, compared to the current plan which ends in June 2015. The Council’s Corporate Plan 2015-2020 is supposed to: guide how Council prioritises and delivers services, programs and facilities to our community over the next five years influence Council’s annual budget and Operational […]

Animal management laws on Council Agenda

Local laws dealing with horses, pigs, koalas and dogs are on the agenda for the Redland City Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday 22 April. Other agenda items include a motion that a report on activities of the Industry Reference Group be presented to Council by June including details of meeting agendas, minutes and […]

Assess Council performance against 5 year plan

What do you think of Redland City Council’s performance over the past five years? Has the Council successfully implemented the strategies set out in the 2010-2015 Corporate Plan? Have the planned outcomes been achieved? Tell us what you think. Our short survey below takes only a few minutes and will give the Council and the […]

Redlands rural future in the balance

Former Mayor Eddie Santaguliana  said that development in the Redlands should be evenly balanced: half town, half bush. He envisaged urban development concentrated around Cleveland, Capalaba and Victoria Point, with the southern half of the Redlands remaining a largely rural area. Eddie’s common sense planning concept is still with us. A little over 50% of […]

Redland City’s population growth rate dips

Redland City’s population growth has slowed dramatically according to a recent report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The latest population estimates raise questions about the planning assumptions being used by Redland City Council for its new planning scheme, City Plan 2015. As at 30 June 2014, Redland City’s “Estimated Resident Population” was 148,641. This […]

Should retail trading hours be restricted?

Over the Easter long weekend there will be special retail trading hours in south east Queensland, as detailed in a report by the Brisbane Times. Shop trading hours in Queensland are strictly regulated by State Government legislation, the Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990. But do these trading restrictions make sense, in an age when on-line […]