Economic Strategy does not join the dots

Joined-up planning, evidence based planning and adaptive planning processes are the lynch pins to effective economic development (or any other type of) planning.  It is about “joining the dots”. The draft Economic Development Strategy fails to join the dots because it does not address and integrate with other works including: 1. Economic Development Strategy 2008-2012 […]

Redlands (un) economic development strategy

Public consultation about the Redland City Council draft Economic Development Strategy will soon be over. The draft document put forward by Council is a shameful waste of ratepayers money and a wasted opportunity to improve business opportunities in this City. The consultation process has been just as bad. There were only three “public” forums for […]

Will changes to local laws affect you?

New local laws could impact significantly on the the lifestyle and amenity of Redlands residents and affect the environment including our koalas. The Council recently sent a letter to residents of Ridgewood Downs, the beautiful rural residential estate in Mt Cotton.  A number of conditions on this model development date back to its approval in […]

 Link to Coochie Music Festival Website

Coochie Music Festival

 Link to Coochie Music Festival Website

Event: Coochie Music Festival

Some councillors are more equal than others

by gasketfuse

Some Redland City Councillors recently voted to restructure portfolio responsibilities. Instead of each councillor being involved in some aspect of the Council’s administration, we now have a system where only a few have portfolios. The public interest This is a significant and fundamental change to the governance of our Council. There was no public input, […]