More options to cargo cult thinking?

Feedback on the recent post : Are we stuck with cargo cult thinking has generated interesting comments and debate. Opinions and dialogue seem well in advance of the Council’s draft Economic Development Strategy. Redlands2030 is grateful to Howard Guille for recording and sharing his thoughts and stimulating community dialogue. Where are the options to cargo […]

Chosen few threaten Redlands environment

I will highlight the looming ecological atrocities which may be sanctioned and perpetrated by the Local and State Governments in the Redlands enviroment over the next few months. The 200th anniversary of the passing of the great mariner Matthew Flinders was recently marked by the unveiling of a statue in England to commemorate the occasion. […]

Smart growth: An Enterprise Area?

The smart growth quest for Redlands needs to re-ignite the discussion about the Redlands Enterprise area.  Previous city planning identified an area that adjoins Boundary Rd, it was to sit between Woodlands Drive and Taylor Rd. The area was to be located on the southern side of the Boundary Rd arterial main road and the […]

Did Council get it it right this time?

Redland City Council has planted 490 seedlings to replace trees it cleared illegally in April 2013. Restoration of vegetation to this area was required by the State Government, to remedy the Council’s breach of the Fisheries Act which could have resulted in Redland City being fined up to $220,000. However, local residents were surprised yesterday […]

3 ways to participate on

Lots of people have asked us for instructions on how they can effectively use, contribute to, and engage with The good news is that there are many ways for you to learn the Latest News and Views and “have your say”. Here at Redlands2030 we believe that communities should be heard when they speak, informed with facts – […]

Dear Mayor, let’s have a public meeting

Community consultation in the Redlands

Open letter to Redland City Council about community consultation Dear Mayor, Councillors and CEO On Sunday 3 August at Point Lookout, the Council located a pop-up information booth for Redland City Plan 2015 and the Redland City Economic Development Strategy. I found the information on offer was perfunctory and unsatisfactory. The staff urged me to […]

Redland City Council tree clearing was illegal

Redland City Council has been guilty of illegal tree clearing. A number of sheoak trees on the foreshore near Carolena Street in Cleveland were cleared by a contractor working for Council in April 2013. The work was done by Council to improve a few resident’s views after they submitted a petition to the Council. It […]