Contrary views on Redlands $259M budget

The contrary views on the recent Redlands City Council’s $259 million budget and the rates increase make compelling viewing. The move to social media platforms is an interesting trend given today sees the launch of the new Redlands City Bulletin.  The demise of the Bayside Bulletin and the Redlands Times is possible another sign that […]

Redlands budget is full of holes

Mayor Williams has presented the Redlands with a cheesy budget full of holes. It pretends to meet her un-costed and irresponsible  election promises by suggesting that we use different goal posts. But the reality is that rates are rising well above inflation. The Budget, approved by a Council majority on Thursday, puts off the hard […]

Redlands Open For Business?

The Council and EDQ ‘proudly launched their You Tube video “Redlands Open For Business Expression Of Interest Launch” by focusing on the natural values and scenery of the area.  At the launch the Deputy Premier, Minister Seeney “spruiked” the benefits of two PDAs in our city in a bid to attract investors to the multi-million-dollar projects. […]

Toondah Harbour EoI Sign STAGED!

Signage for Expressions of Interest (EoI) to develop Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (PDA) has gone up – with only a month to go before closing date. The welcome news is that GJ Walter Park and the Bay are now being shown outside a smaller developable land area of 6.8ha. It is clearly defined that developable land area […]

New Redlands2030 video – “Discarded Debris”

Our film crew have just released their fourth video on Redlands2030 at YouTube. Here is a link Discarded Debris: Cause and Effect This video takes a look at the impact of litter and discarded debris on wildlife in Moreton Bay. Common items of rubbish, such as plastic shopping bags, forgotten crab pots and bottle caps […]

“Place based planning” for Weinam Creek?

Residents living in the vicinity of and utilising Weinam Creek recognise the need for urgent redevelopment of the area, particularly in relation to transport needs, but many object strongly to the Weinam Creek development scheme. Their concerns are that the character of the Weinam Creek Development should be markedly different to that of Toondah Harbour. […]

Minister Seeney’s “Next Step” Media Release

Here is Minister Seeneys’ media release headed Next step in revitalisation of Redland sites.  The release refers to the expressions of interest being called for the development of the Priority Development Areas at and Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek.  The media release is included as issued and unedited, but is certainly worthy of discussion  and comment. […]

Redlands budget and the great big water tax

Redland City’s budget for next year will be discussed at a special Council meeting on 26 June. We have already been told by the Bayside Bulletin that the $317,000 surplus budgeted for the current year has turned into a disappointing deficit of about $2 million. If Council had not wasted money on its flawed plans […]

Cleveland Needs a Simpler Plan for Toondah Redevelopment

Cleveland residents are concerned about Redland City Council’s plans for Toondah Harbour according to Steve McDonald, spokesperson for Redlands2030. Mr MacDonald said that: “The Toondah Harbour scheme developed by Council and approved by the Newman Government will disadvantage existing residents, hurt Cleveland businesses and cause environmental destruction of marine and coastal areas in Moreton Bay. […]

It is hard to see an economic justification of the Toondah Harbour PDA

The cost of environmental decline in South East Queensland is well established and measured by an economically rational assessment of these costs.  The report is a good read i.e. Managing What Matters.  It was written as a call to arms to increase awareness of the need to protect and improve South East Queensland’s declining natural resource […]

Stop the boats!!

The REDLANDS TIMES 6 June 2014 reported the Redland City Council’s decision not to approve a 16 berth extension to the 75 berth Raby Bay marina.  The story outlined how Council “knocked on the head” the marina extension.  The decision apparently followed a detailed the plea on behalf of commercial operators by Chair of the Raby […]

Mining on North Stradbroke Island to hit the High Court

About 20,000 years ago people settled in what is now the Moreton Bay region of Queensland and on North Stradbroke Island. The descendants of those people – the Quandamooka people – have maintained a continuous presence in the area ever since. The Sand Mining on North StradbrokeQuandamooka people have launched a High Court challenge  to […]

A Better Plan For Toondah Harbour

Some of Queensland’s most experienced architects, planners and landscape architects were so horrified by the Redland City Council’s draft scheme for Toondah Harbour’s redevelopment that they gave their time free of charge to workshop a better plan for the Cleveland community. Workshop spokesman Shane Thompson was quoted in the Bayside Bulletin as saying: This dreadful […]

Koala, Cleveland

Koala, Cleveland

The Koala Action Group Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday June 13th at the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Rd Capalaba starting at 7.30pm.

Our guest speaker is Dr Romane Cristescu, a fauna researcher who will speak about her work with koalas and other arboreal marsupials for the past six years on North Stradbroke Island.

North Stradbroke Island is well known for its pristine beaches and great surf, but most people are not aware it harbours a very special population of koalas. The island has indeed a rare natural island koala population, which is healthy and genetically distinct from the mainland.

All are welcome and for further information visit

Event: Koala Action Group AGM