Government approves revised Toondah scheme

On 31 May, the Government issued a media statement announcing that it had approved revised Priority Development Area Development Schemes for both Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek. The Government has also released a Submissions Report for each PDA consultation process. The submissions reports provide considerable detail about issues raised. They also include the Government’s responses […]

Will the Toondah Harbour PDA “kill off” the Cleveland CBD!

The creation of a new commercial hub at Toondah Harbour will mean there will be two competing “town centres” less than 2 kilometres apart.  The available reports make a minimal assessment of the economic impacts of a second hub.  This does not do justice to this critical issue. The Toondah Harbour Market Assessment and Development Strategy […]

Flawed and failed community consultation underpins the Toondah PDA

The community consultation process for the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Scheme was badly compromised from the start. It commenced with a series of community engagements sessions in August 2013 and then the publishing of the Toondah Harbour Community Engagement Report and the accompanying Summary Report. The glaring hiatus between these reports and the Toondah Harbour […]

‘Green Tape’ inquiry hears from Redlanders

As part of its agenda to place less importance on environmental issues, the Federal Liberal Government has instigated an inquiry into “Streamlining environmental regulation, ‘green tape’, and one stop shops”. This inquiry is being undertaken by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment. Despite the fact that Queensland has many landmark environmental values […]

Is support for Toondah a fairy tale?

Over the past few months there have been claims that the Toondah Harbour PDA scheme enjoyed community support. But where is the evidence? The available facts suggests that the community is very concerned about the scheme. So claims of vast support should probably be filed in the fiction section of the library, perhaps under “Fairy […]

Environmental impacts of Toondah development

The Redland City Council and State Government have not adequately considered the serious environmental impacts of the proposed Toondah Harbour PDA development scheme. Koalas The proposed development scheme envisages a road through G.J. Walter Park, right next to a recognized koala movement corridor. Koala numbers in Redland city have declined enormously over the past decade. […]

Cleveland Town has taken some big hits !

Twenty years ago Cleveland Town centre was an exemplar of main street design and landscaping.  It was a “must see” for Councils across Australia. The poincianas still make a great show each summer but now the streets of Cleveland lack something and the feeling is amplified by the number of closed shops. Yet Cleveland Town […]

City Plan community consultation ?

The Redlands City Council web site has information on City Plan 2015 and how to get involved in the consultation in early 2015. Also ask your Councillor for more information and ask why the broader community consultation on the background studies and community aspirations has not commenced. Take a few minutes to view Cr Paul […]

Pied Oystercatchers

One of the shorebirds that stays in the Redlands all year round is the pied oystercatcher. They can be seen feeding on our beaches at low tide. As the tide rises they gradually retreat up the beach. Then, when the sands are all covered up, its time to zip.

Migratory shorebirds and the Redlands

In our summer months an estimated 50,000 birds fly thousands of kilometres each year from the northern hemisphere to visit wetlands in and around the Redlands. More than 43 species of shore bird use the area including more than 30 species of migratory wading birds. The largest migratory shorebird seen in the inter-tidal parts of […]

G.J. Walter Park is 125 years old

G.J. Walter Park has been enjoyed by many generations of Cleveland residents and visitors. Its features include a cricket oval established in 1911, a fine stand of Norfolk Pine trees possibly planted in the 1930s and a large dog off-leash area with beach access. A public reserve was gazetted  on 13 March 1889, making this […]

Community Research Report or Push Polling

In February 2014, at the end of the community consultation process for the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek PDA development schemes, the Redland City Council released a very strange document. Its title was “Community Research Report” and the Council claimed that this document provided evidence of community support for the proposed developments. The Community Research Report […]

The 2014 Koala Fun Run will commence at 7:00am on Sunday 25th of May 2014
This Year the Fun Run will be a 6km run/Walk and a 12km run leaving from the Victoria Point Sharks in Colburn Ave
Entry Fees Will be $30 for the 12k event and $25 for the 6k event. Children under 15 will be $15 and $10 respectively

Event: Koala Fun Run - Victoria Point Sharks
Public: Public

The 2014 Koala Fun Run will commence at 7:00am on Sunday 25th of May 2014

This Year the Fun Run will be a 6km run/Walk and a 12km run leaving from the Victoria Point Sharks in Colburn Ave

Date: May 25, 2014
Time: 07.00
Event: Koala Fun Run @ Victoria Point Sharks
Venue: Victoria Point Sharks
Location: Colburn Ave
Victoria Point
Public: Public